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Nutrition is essential to any good health plan. No single food contains all the nutrients your body needs to be healthy. A balanced diet is essential for keeping your body functioning properly, maintaining a healthy weight and preventing disease. With the help of a dietitian our patients receive the information and education they need to improve their diet and make healthy lifestyle changes.

Our registered dietitians, Erin Sandoz, Mindy Musselman, Jamie Piper, Rachel Sestrich, and Kristy Thomas work closely with our providers to develop therapeutic diet plans and programs for patients that, due to their current health conditions, are in need of diet modifications. Dietitians turn confusing laboratory numbers into practical advice to achieve health goals through diet. Essential to any comprehensive health care plan is nutrition education for disease management and counseling for chronic conditions. At Esse Health, our dietitians provide evidence-based medical nutrition therapy to individual patients and their families.

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