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Patient Billing Policies

At each visit, we require the following:

  • Present a valid copy of your insurance card
  • Your evaluation of the patient information we have on file for the patient

This is to ensure that we are able to bill the correct insurance carrier for the services you receive at your visit.


If your insurance carrier requires a co-payment on the services you receive, it is due at the time of service. Esse Health will not file your co-payment to a secondary insurance, unless you have Medicare as a secondary insurance. If requested, Esse Health will provide you with documentation that would allow you to file the co-payment amount to your secondary insurance carrier.

Medicare Coverage

Esse Health’s Internists, Allergists  and Family Practitioners are participating providers with Medicare.  For your convenience, secondary insurance is filed after Medicare when the information is given to us in advance.

HMO Coverage

If an Esse Health physician is designated as your primary care physician with your insurance company, Esse Health will bill your insurance company. You will not receive a bill unless your carrier denies payment. You are required to pay your co-payment at the time of service. We do not bill secondary insurance carriers for co-payments.

PPO Coverage

If an Esse Health physician participates in your insurance plan, Esse Health will submit claims to your PPO insurance. If there has been no response from your carrier within 90 days, the balance becomes immediately due and payable by the patient. You are required to pay your co-payment at time of service.

Indemnity/Commercial Coverage

Esse Health physicians are not contracted with these types of insurance plans; therefore, payment is required at the time of service. As a courtesy, Esse Health will submit claims to your insurance carrier.

Secondary Insurance

Esse Health will file your secondary insurance, unless the balance is a co-payment. This is done after payment is received from your primary insurance.  Esse Health’s policy is to file the secondary insurance one time. If there has been no response from your carrier within 90 days, the balance becomes immediately due and payable by the patient.

Workers’ Compensation

Please contact your employer regarding workers’ compensation injuries. Be aware that your employer may require you to see a specific contracted company physician for any workers’ compensation injuries.

Auto Accidents

For non-Medicare patients in the state of Missouri, we will bill your medical insurance directly for all charges related to injuries from an auto accident. Upon request, Esse Health will also provide you with an itemized statement.
For non-Medicare patients in the state of Illinois, we will bill the auto insurance. You will be expected to provide the company name, mailing address, phone number, claim number, and the adjuster’s name. Esse Health will file the claim for you; however, payment is ultimately the patient’s responsibility, and you will receive a monthly bill until payment has been received.

Patient Statements

Esse Health sends statements to patients on a monthly basis. Payment is due in full upon receipt. We accept the following forms of payment: personal check, Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Esse Health will charge a $20 fee, plus the original amount, for any personal checks returned because of insufficient funds. The use of a check as payment is your acceptance of this agreement and these terms.


If your unpaid balance is sent to an outside agency for collections, you will be held responsible for paying the collection agency’s fees in addition to the original balance owed to Esse Health. This serves as your notice and acceptance of this policy.


Your insurance plan is indicated on the statement. To help us process your claims more efficiently, please contact the phone number on your statement with any insurance plan discrepancies.

For a change of information, including address, phone number and insurance coverage, please call the Esse Health doctor’s office where you were seen. (link to Locations page)

For billing questions, please contact the Esse Health Billing Department at 314-851-1087 or 1-800-454-3779.

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