It can be difficult to resist all the temptations that arise over the holiday season. Your coworkers bring in treats, you attend parties and family gatherings and are expected to stay on track with healthy eating. But how is that possible? Focus on maintaining your weight over the holidays instead of losing weight.

We have to be able to plan for holidays and special occasions because they come around several times throughout the year. The day of the event keep these things in mind.

  • Plan to exercise early in the day- take a long walk, participate in a community event, or go to the gym.
  • Do not skip meals- continue to eat as you normally would; do not plan to not eat all day and overindulge at the event. You may want to eat a bit lighter at the other meals in preparation to eat a little more.
  • Eat a healthy snack before you go- fruits, veggies, string cheese, or yogurt.
  • Move conversation away from the food to avoid grazing and mindless eating.
  • Browse the available food options and choose ones that you don't have on a regular basis, this makes it more special.
  • Make a small plate of food- use a salad or dessert plate instead of a large dinner plate
  • Include vegetables with your meal.
  • Limit alcohol consumption- drink a glass of water between alcoholic beverages.

Make this holiday season the healthiest yet! Recreate your holiday sweet potato dish by swapping out the refined sugar and marshmallows for maple syrup, cinnamon and pecans.