Mindful eating helps patients develop a healthy relationship with food. Before we eat, it is important to pause and think why we are eating. Is it because we are physically hungry or because we are bored, sad, anxious, have guests over, as a social event, or simply because it tastes so good? All of these are a part of life, but if you are choosing to eat for a reason other than being physically hungry, notice that. If you’re eating because of an emotion or stress is there something that you could do instead that could help the underlying emotion? Would stepping outside for a minute, taking 5 minutes to organize your space, taking a walk around the block, calling a friend, or using a meditation or deep breathing app help?

If you’re choosing to eat for a social event or holiday that’s ok. Notice that you are making that decision and enjoy the food you are eating. Slow down and focus on tasting the food. What do you like about it? Are you enjoying it? Listen to your body & wait 20 minutes before deciding if you want seconds.

In addition, avoid skipping meals before a holiday or social event as that can lead to feeling overly hungry and result in overeating. It is difficult to make good choices or really enjoy the food when we are overly hungry. When eating out, practice getting a to-go box right away & put half your food in it for another meal.

Try this vegetable breakfast scramble to start your day off mindfully. Eat slowly & pay attention to the flavors & textures.